You will be heard.

PNYX - next-gen platform for pre-release campaigns.

Test out unreleased music in a risk-free environment. Everyone gets an equal chance to shine.

PNYX conceals artists' and tracks' information, so fans can ditch the hype and embrace the sound.

Fans choose which songs to unveil, unlocking Spotify pre-saves, exclusive artist perks, and access to closed communities.

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Asked Questions

What is PNYX?

PNYX is a gamified platform for unreleased music A/B tests and pre-release campaigns. Users listen to songs without knowing who’s the artist but can press a button to “reveal” the information about the track and access various perks like Spotify pre-saves, merch or show tickets. 

How do I access PNYX?

Tap on personalized links that artists share on Instagram when they upload music on PNYX, or register on our website to receive an invitation.

How do you pronounce "PNYX"?

The correct pronunciation is "niks." The "P" is silent, with the emphasis on "nyx".